Meet The Knox Group


As the matriarch of the Knox family, Barbara has a spunk and tenacity like none other. When she works for you, she gets the job done! With over forty years experience in real estate in a myriad of states, Barbara brings timeless and unparalleled knowledge to the Knox Group. Working in real estate in the North Alabama area for the past 25 years, hardly a day goes by where she doesn't run into former or present clients wherever she goes. With a love of matching people with their perfect home, Barbara brings that buyer's specialist skill to the team that will help you find that dream home! When she's not in the office or showing clients their possible new home, she enjoys spending time in her backyard with her husband, Jack, their two dogs, Jackie and Balee, and her ever-growing garden of great variety. Her family includes three grown children, seven grandkids (eleven total including spouses), along with four almost five great-grandchildren. 




As the second generation of The Knox Group, John brings not only a unique insight to our group, but also a 20-year expertise in the sales associate field for the Huntsville/Madison area. His professional but compassionate mindset is what sets him apart and makes him the incredible agent that he is when working with families of all shapes and sizes. Living and working in this area for the past 20 years has given him not only extensive knowledge of the area, but his love of learning is what gives him that extra edge. As the visionary of the team, he has the skills and strengths to provide accurate market analyses, project appropriate sales prices or offer prices, and is fair to everyone he works with. In his spare time, he enjoys playing his guitar locally with The Winslow Davis Ensemble, reading up on the latest health book, and playing with his grandchildren. His family includes his wife, Chris, their four children (seven total including spouses), and their three almost four grandchildren. 





As the third out of the original four Knox children, Jordyn Lee has always had a unique attention to detail. Her main role in The Knox Group (at the moment) lies on the Property Management side of our group. However, she is always eager to help in any way she can. With her sharp skills in regards to maintaining the order of various aspects of property management, she always does an excellent job of keeping our group on task and on time. With her spare time, she spends her days building her family with her husband, Tyler, and their one year old little girl. She also has a fantastic eye for design which comes into play when we stage homes!





As the second out of the original four Knox children, and the last one to join The Knox Group, Julianne has stepped into the role of office manager and future agent. As she works on getting her license, her main role in the group is to manage emails and paperwork, making sure that there are never any "hiccups" between you and your future home or the sale of your home! With strengths of organization, administration, and management, Julianne has brought a fresh spark (not to mention an overwhelming amount of ideas) to the group after getting married and moving back to Madison. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Jordan, as well as playing with their pup, Jonesy, and working on various home improvement projects.